Monday, October 17, 2011

So... whaddoIdonow?

Worked all day, went to gym, stopped by friends house for a glass of wine and some dogs harness help... So... whaddoIdonow?

I came home washed the dishes, fed the dogs, made myself a quesadilla (a kick back to my single days)... So.... whaddoIdonow?

Get on it!  Get on it, Em!  In my head I thought over the weekend that I would be able to do a a few projects, clean the house, relax and be SUPER productive without Oz, blah, blah, blah... not so much.

OK really... time to get on it... but I want to facebook.  That is what I would normally do.  It is time to do something.... something other than facebook.  Should I do a double day at the gym tomorrow?!  ACK!  No one is here to help me with anything!  So... whaddoIdonow?

I'm feeling a bit alone, and normally I would turn to Facebook for company and consolation.

OK... I'm going to figure out what I do now.

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