Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 1 of my Facebook-less Life

It's gone.  Deleted.  Done.
OH!  But, what are THEY saying?  Who are they?  What are the posts?!  Steve Jobs died?  OH!  How I want to post something about how I will miss his vision and how visionless this world somehow seems now.


This is my Facebook-less life.

So... why?  Why did I leave? I don't know... but, in a way, I do!

I have been thinking of this for a while.  I have mentioned it to a few friends.  I do social networking for work... so am I the sober sommelier?  Am I the vegan beef rancher?  NO!  I am not quitting completely!  I have my LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare and even Google+ (even though I am a total skeptic about this one) and Pintrest accounts.

I began to realize EVERYTHING in my life was about Facebook.
If I was bored... facebook.
Am I not quite sleepy?  Facebook.
Not included in a conversation? Facebook.
Hilarious conversation that nobody who was not there will understand?  Facebook.
Dogs being cute? Facebook.
Husband shaves?  Facebook.
Good Morning!  Facebook.
Good Night! Facebook.
Hungry?  Facebook!
Any random reason? Facebook!

Really... Really?

It was in a way taking away from what I was enjoying in life.  If I am not immediately engaged with someone in front of me WHY do I need to be engaged with my phone?

There are some vain reasons too of why I quit... I don't like how I looked as I was posting on my iPhone.  I look mad.  Squinty.  Why not look up, and smile.... be engaged with a person.  Not my phone.

So, what is the goal?

Do what I used to do.  I had a life prior to Facebook... and maybe this is specifically an addiction to my iPhone... but the one thing that I constantly used was Facebook.

Here are my goals based on what voids Facebook filled for me:

  • Keeping in touch with friends:  I enjoy texting with people.  Therefore, I will text.  Or even, make a phone call!!!
  • Boredom: do sit ups....OK maybe not sit ups, but do something active.  Get up and take my dogs for a walk, even if it a few walks a night.  They will appreciate it I am sure!  If I feel the urge to facebook, I will do something productive.
  • Document:  I think it is important to document things.  Just because I take a picture doesn't mean I need to post to a social networking sight.
  • Projects:  In a weird way Facebook was like a virtual on going scrapbooking project that you couldn't even look through efficiently with there being some crazy ass update.  SO maybe now I will be able to do some of the project I posted on my "Hey, I can do that!" board on Pintrest.
  • Write:  I LOVED to write through middle and high school.  And, well, I will be honest... College killed my desire to write.  That is why I am starting this blog.
Well, I think this might be enough for my first facebook-less night.

Time to go to sleep and listen to my nature sounds lite app... I prefer "rain on tarp."

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