Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yes.  It happened.  I CHEATED!  Not only did I cheat, but I looked up someone I wasn't even friends with before!  This is even worse because I was TOTALLY passive aggressively stalking this person.  Long story short, I was on FB for work posting something and then I realized I was looking at a facebook of someone I knew but wasn't even friends with.  Instantly, I felt as though I didn't really have to say anything.  No one would know... except me.  But, it would defeat the purpose of this whole thing.  I chose honesty.

So it hit me.  I need to become more conscious of what I am doing with myself.  I made these goals in my first blog about actually doing something instead of Facebooking.  So if I had time to facebook, then I have time to go to the gym.  I went, I joined, and day one was today.  I did it!  I feel great.  I am now posting this blog while taking a break from packing for an early morning gym visit before work tomorrow.

I am focussing as much as possible about DO-ing something.  Cleaning.  Gymin' it up.  Trying to think creatively (I have a project in mind and will probably post something about it soon).  Be here now, if you will.

I find myself thinking of posts in my head while I am out and about or soing something.  I was at Costco buying edamame and a dog bed (first, who goes there to buy two things? Second, the two things are totally random!)  So I am standing there in line and the guy in front of me brought his coupons (Costco has coupons?) a day early and of coarse his purchase turned into a big ol CF (cluster f...).  I so wanted to post it on FB.  Then I thought, who really cares about me being at Costco?

It is a different perspective "looking up" instead of down at my cell phone continuously scanning FB.  It is nice.

I am enjoying this time.  Will do my best to not cheat anymore.  I will continue to focus on being here now and all my goals.


  1. Lets start getting some photo's so it feels more like FB. Great to see you today!!

  2. Em, I am impressed and inspired by you! Love the blog! You can do this.